About Smart Grid

As the UK transitions to Net Zero, more and more low carbon technologies are connecting to our network. We are evolving the energy markets to facilitate this, building a smarter network ready for the future and setting up the DSO to reflect this.

Our Strategy

The Smart Grid development team is powering our transition to DSO. Established in 2017, the UK’s first ever dedicated Smart Grid team pioneering the development of a dynamic and highly-tuned electrical network capable of enabling Net Zero. Our ED2 Business Plan sets out our plans and priorities for enabling whole systems solutions that will deliver Net Zero at lowest cost for our customers.

To achieve this task, we are taking a whole systems approach, collaborating across the industry to ensure we can continue to meet the needs of our customers today and in the future. Traditional models are rapidly being left behind. We are converting from our role of being a Network Operator to become a System Operator, balancing an increasingly complex and interconnected electricity network while maintaining focus on our core responsibility of keeping the lights on. It is a change as fundamental to the British electricity network as the advent of broadband was to telecoms. It is a change that UK Power Networks is not only embracing but leading.

Download our Business Plan here

Enabling Net Zero as a DSO

The road to Net Zero will be decarbonised, decentralised and digitised. A world where anyone can be a consumer and producer of energy will fundamentally reconfigure the way consumers interact with their network operator.

New technologies like smart meters, LED lights and heat pumps can drastically reduce carbon emissions. Rooftop solar panels, domestic batteries and electric vehicles can turn homes into ‘smart hubs’ that power emerging markets like Flexibility Services.

Combined with consumer monitoring apps, new digital platforms and shared community energy schemes, it is our customers who will lead the charge towards DSO.

Our ‘day in the life’ video shows how the future might look for our customers with the advent of a Smart Grid

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